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CV Template

IT CV Templates

Below you can find some IT CV templates, which could be use by IT specialists. CV examples can help you to write your own CV and focus on IT job vacancies.
The “right” CV does not exist, but it can be more or less effective and profitable in comparing with others. Your CV has to fully express your contacts, purposes, desirable position (-s), IT skills, titles, projects in which you was involved in, referrals, etc.
There are 3 types of CV:
  • Chronological (education, work experience, etc.)
  • Functional (thematic groups, often without dates)
  • Combined (description of thematic groups and chronological information)
Content of CV:
  • Name, Surname
  • Address, Cell number, e-mail, ICQ, Skype
  • Purpose (explain why you are interested in vacancy, what position you are looking for)
  • Skills (specific qualification knowledge and experience)
  • Summery  (general information on qualifications)
  • Language knowledge (indicate level of master - Ukraine, Russian, English, etc.)
  • Education (name of educational institution (-s) in reverse order, qualification, specialization, end dates, country, city)
  • Work experience (name of company, industry, country, city, period of work, title, project (-s), responsibilities, achievements, etc.)
  • Achievements, rewards
  • Interests, hobbies
  • Recommendation (from previous work place, upon request)
  • Foto (optionally)
Not recommend:
  1. Do not use more than 3 colors
  2. Do not use several kind of print
  3. Do not use complicated graphic and darkening
  4. Do not use little or very big print (optimal size is 10-14)
  5. Do not create too long CV (not longer than 2-4 pages)
You can choose any of CV format, presented below (recommended to use Word 2007).
Good luck!

Example 1: pdf

Example 2: doc pdf

Example 3: doc pdf

Example 4: doc

Example 5: doc pdf

Example 6: doc

Example 7: doc pdf

Example 8: doc pdf

Example 9: doc pdf